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Scooter Braun Ends 23-Year Management Career: A New Chapter Begins

Music mogul Scooter Braun, known for guiding the careers of stars like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato, announced his retirement from artist management on June 17, closing a significant chapter in his life after 23 years. Despite stepping down, Braun, 42, will continue as CEO of HYBE America, the entertainment giant he has helped steer to success.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Braun reminisced about his journey from managing his first artist, Cato, at 19, to shaping the trajectories of some of the world’s biggest musical talents. “It’s been a ‘Forrest Gump’-like life, filled with extraordinary experiences,” Braun wrote, reflecting on his career’s twists and turns.

Braun’s decision to retire from management was influenced by his desire to focus more on his family and personal life. The father of three shared that as his children grew older and personal challenges arose, he realized the need to prioritize them over his relentless management schedule. “My kids are the superstars I can’t afford to lose,” he admitted, underscoring his shift in priorities.

The move marks a significant shift for Braun, who has been a pivotal figure in the music industry, known for discovering and nurturing talents and orchestrating successful careers. Despite leaving management, Braun emphasized his ongoing commitment to the industry through his role at HYBE America and his philanthropic efforts, including his work with the Braun Foundation and Make-A-Wish.

Braun’s retirement also follows a period of introspection and change, as some of his long-time clients opted for new directions. He acknowledged that the evolving dynamics with his artists were a sign that it was time for a new chapter.

Reflecting on his career, Braun expressed gratitude for the journey and the artists he has worked with. “Every client has changed my life, and I will always be in their corner,” he said. As he steps away from direct management, Braun leaves behind a legacy of resilience, vision, and a commitment to the artists who have defined his career.

The end of Braun’s management era doesn’t spell the end of his influence. With a continued presence at HYBE America and a dedication to philanthropy, Braun is set to embark on a new journey, shaping the industry from a different vantage point.

Photo Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.ciom

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