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Former Parliament-Funkadelic Singer Fuzzy Haskins Has Passed Away at the Age of 81 Years Old

Clarence “Fuzzy” Haskins, the former Parliament-Funkadelic singer has passed away at the age of 81 years old on March 17th. His death was confirmed by former bandmates Bootsy Collins and George Clinton.

Collins tweeted on Twitter, “Prayers going out to Clarence ‘Fuzzy’ Haskins’ family and friends, We lost his frequency today… We will miss u my friend, bandmate and soul brother! Thank u for ur guidance in my pup years.”

Haskins was a former member of Clinton’s doo-wop group the Parliaments, and became a leading feature of the band when it transitioned to just Parliament and once again when Clinton formed Funkadelic. He also attempted going solo in the ’70s, and released A Whole Nother Thang in 1976 and Radio Active in 1978. While in the 80s he formed a Funkadelic group along with former colleagues, without Clinton. Then in the 90s four of the original five Parliaments toured as Original P. Haskins was ultimately inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1997, then received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.

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